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Bazooka Blast Christmas

It's been some time since I got a chance to build with Dr. Trey, aka Dr. Tracy Fanarah of Mythbusters: The Search. After over a year apart, we reunited to build and bring holiday cheer to all!

And Build we did....

To bring this holiday in with a bang, we decided to make an ornament shooting bazooka!

We wanted to decorate in style, faster than anyone has before.

We started with some scrap 3inch polycarbonate tubing for the barrel, the rest we sourced from a quick trip to home depot which included a torch, 5/8in. flexible tubing, some 4in. pvc, end caps, and of course... ornaments.

The build itself was pretty straight forward and Tracy and I were able to pull it together in a few hours at her machine shop. As always, super impressed with her build skills and we had a really fun time.

The following day was time to test it. See the video for yourself below.